Random Acts of Error

Test your understanding

Welcome to the first Random Acts of Error post! This post will mainly focus on what we’ve learned thus far, but we’ll also chuck in a couple of other randoms as well, because why not?

Here they’ve gone with the plural possessive, when really it’s just a plural. Scientists reveal. There’s no ownership happening here.
Recap: Apostrophes are almost never used in plurals

Oh dear! Someone’s got a case of the ‘ol Its vs It’s! Don’t forget, it’s = it is, which isn’t right here.

An historic low? That sounds a bit odd doesn’t it?
Recap: A vs An

Here they’ve gone with the rule that days of the week need an apostrophe when making them plural, which…. isn’t a rule.
Recap: Apostrophes are almost never used in plurals

While Karen is a name, just because there are (allegedly) more than one of them, doesn’t mean you go throwing apostrophes about! Yep, same rule, same link: Apostrophes are almost never used in plurals

Not using any punctuation whatsoever sure makes your Facebook posts hard to understand.

It’s possible this is meant to say tongs, and not tongue….

Cute…. They probably meant sweet pea. Oh well, it’s not like it’s permanently on your body or anything.

I sincerely apologise in advance for ruining this song for you. Sorry, Noel Gallagher: you meant ‘You’re gonna be the one who saves me’.
Recap: That vs Who

Probably a doctored Facebook conversation, but if it isn’t, someone could use a recap on Board and Bored.

Bit of a spelling fail happening here… Clearly it’s meant to say mosaic.

I just thought this was funny. Of course, the artist is called Tones and I, so nothing is wrong here, however, if we were talking about two people, it should say Tones and me.
Recap: I vs Me

Picture says it all, really.
Recap: Then and Than

Two things wrong here. Obviously we mean employees and not employee’s, and we also want them to wash their hands, not there.
Recap: Their/They’re/There

We at Let’s Eat Grammar think you mean cologne. Please do not confuse these two words.

I haven’t yet discussed this next faux pas, but I will be using a few examples of it from time to time. The rule this is breaking is called subject-verb agreement. The model agency is a single entity, therefore it should say Chadwick Model Agency has arrived. If the sentence was reworded to say The Chadwick Models have arrived, then that would make sense!

Recap on verbs:

  • I have
  • You have
  • He/she/it has
  • We have
  • You (plural) have
  • They have
Sorry, Chadwick Models

Let’s end on a funny one. We have a couple of small grammatical things here, like the random capitals in the heading, and then there’s the whole ‘listen to adult’ thing, but I’m thinking the main thing wrong with this sign is that the attempt at a mnemonic doesn’t relate to the text whatsoever. Like, what was the point of ROAR? If you’re going to go with that text then the initials should be CUUL, which, I don’t think is a word.

It’s not that I don’t like ROAR, it’s just that it doesn’t work here…