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  • Proofreading 101

    Proofreading 101


    We’re going to do something a little bit different here and look at a few pieces of writing and see if we can spot all the errors. Maybe you might even get more than me? Who knows?

  • Improve your social media posts

    Improve your social media posts


    Introducing a brand new segment! Here, we’ll look at a few social media flops and take a look at how they could have…. Well… been improved. As we’re looking at posts and trying to work out their meaning for their intended audience, I feel it’s a pretty good exercise and you might even learn a…

  • When words aren’t enough

    When words aren’t enough


    In times of this isolation, it’s nice to not have to think about reading so much content and just sit back and enjoy the view. And this view is more Random Acts of Error oriented! Here are some more illustrations of what not to do in your day-to-day writing.

  • Test your understanding

    Test your understanding


    Welcome to the first Random Acts of Error post! This post will mainly focus on what we’ve learned thus far, but we’ll also chuck in a couple of other randoms as well, because why not?