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  • The difference between Thank you, thankyou, and thank-you
    We’re only going to cover one topic today and it’s the difference between thank you (as two words), thankyou (as one word), and thank-you (hyphenated). This one can be confusing so this should be a helpful post!
  • Three ways to improve your marketing
    Pretty simple post this time and we’re gonna look at three things to improve your writing, including the difference between colons and semicolons, and the correct construction of bullet points. Let’s dive on in!
  • Give peace a chance: more words that sound the same
    Today’s specials are more words that may sound the same but are not to be confused in your writing, including Moose and Mousse, and Peace and Piece.
  • I could care less: phrases gone wrong
    This post is going to look at five phrases that are often misquoted. Using these phrases correctly in your writing will surely make you sound more professional.
  • Compliment and Complement and other confusing words
    It’s another edition of when words go wrong. In this issue we’re going to look at Compliment vs Complement, Bowl vs Bowel, Addition vs Edition, as well as a couple others.
  • Proofreading 101
    We’re going to do something a little bit different here and look at a few pieces of writing and see if we can spot all the errors. Maybe you might even get more than me? Who knows?
  • Formally and Formerly and other words you’re getting wrong
    It’s another round of commonly confused words. Once again we’ve got some words which look and sound the same – but are not to be confused! We’ve got five up for grabs here, including Formally and Formerly and Gentleman and Gentlemen.
  • All we need is a little patience: Words that look the same but aren’t
    Today’s edition will focus on some similar-looking and even sounding words. Do you get confused between Apologies and Apologise? Can I assist you in separating Assistants and Assistance? Running out of patience with Patience and Patients? Look at these and more in this edition of Commonly Confused Words.
  • Improve your social media posts
    Introducing a brand new segment! Here, we’ll look at a few social media flops and take a look at how they could have…. Well… been improved. As we’re looking at posts and trying to work out their meaning for their intended audience, I feel it’s a pretty good exercise and you might even learn a thing or two. After all, communication is all about your message being understood by others, right?
  • Don’t confuse these religious words
    This edition of Commonly Confused Words will focus on some religious words and their homonyms, such as Heal vs Heel, and Angels vs Angles.
  • Licence vs License, and other US spelling words
    It’s a special edition of Commonly Confused Words! This post will focus on a few words that are confusing due to spelling variations.
  • Easy ways you can spot Americanizms
    Have you ever looked at a word and thought ‘I’m sure I’ve seen this word spelt a different way before’? You’re not alone. The purpose of this post is to point out some differences between Australian and American English so you know which way is the right way in your country!
  • Essential comma usage
    Welcome to another pivotal post! This edition is all about where commas should be used in your day-to-day lived. You’ll also get to find out the true origins of the name of my blog! #muchexcite.
  • Take a sneak peek at some confusing words
    This edition will cover some confusing words that are commonly seen on social media. The two main words to focus on today are Peek vs Peak, and the difference between Stationery and Stationary.
  • You keep using that word…
    Do you often wonder what the difference is between Wander and Wonder? What about the difference between a Barista and a Barrister? We’ve got you covered! Today’s edition includes five different words which are very often confused for the wrong one. Time to bust some spelling myths and crack the code!
  • When words aren’t enough
    In times of this isolation, it’s nice to not have to think about reading so much content and just sit back and enjoy the view. And this view is more Random Acts of Error oriented! Here are some more illustrations of what not to do in your day-to-day writing.
  • In a manner of speaking…
    It’s another edition of commonly confused words. This short one will cover four words that sometimes get confused with others including Manner and Manor, and Princes and Princess.
  • The difference between to and too and other social media essentials
    To and Too is a very commonly confused word on social media isn’t it? I’m going to tackle the difference between them today, along with four other words that often get mixed up.
  • Is this one word or two? (Part 2)
    Part two in my two part series where we’ll look at some words that can either be one word, or sometimes two! If you missed part one, check it out here. Although it seems like there are a few to get through here, most follow the same sort of format.
  • Is this one word or two? (Part 1)
    Part one of a segment where we’ll explore those pesky words which can sometimes be one word or two! We’ll also look at why things can go awry when you get them mixed up.
  • Test your understanding
    Welcome to the first Random Acts of Error post! This post will mainly focus on what we’ve learned thus far, but we’ll also chuck in a couple of other randoms as well, because why not?
  • Simple ways to make your Facebook posts amazing
    Do you ever write social media posts and think to yourself “I wish I knew the difference between these two”? You’re not alone. This post will cover three of those scenarios and will make the distinction clear.
  • Give me a break! Six common words you’re getting wrong
    I dunno about you but after our last apostrophes blog post, I think taking it down a notch may not be the worst idea! This post will discuss six commonly confused words including Breath and Breathe, and Desert and Dessert.
  • Apostrophes and their misuse 101
    This blog post will look at apostrophes and where they’re used and where they are not used! This will be one of my most crucial posts, so make yourself a coffee (or tea), and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times!
  • How using the wrong word can affect your writing
    While today’s lesson will cover only four words and their variations, these are crucial, everyday words that are commonly used in the wrong context. Let’s make it easier!
  • Don’t be fooled by these words that are not words
    This issue will focus on five words. Two of them are not words, but are commonly misspelt words. The other three might be words, but often used incorrectly.
  • I just can’t bear it: words that sound the same but have different meanings
    Time for issue three! In this edition, we’re going to look at five commonly confused words and look at making them easier to distinguish. Yes, these words may sound the same, but don’t be fooled by mixing them up!
  • Some advice on finding the right word
    Welcome to blog post number two! In this edition, we’re going to explore some important, commonly confused words that are forever tripping us up on social media.
  • The difference between knowing your important stuff and knowing you’re important stuff
    Welcome to my first blog post! In this edition we’re going to look at four crucial elements to improve your social media posts.