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Do you have to google the difference between dual and duel every time you use this word? Do people at work ask you follow-up questions after you’ve sent them an email because they’re not sure how you’ve worded something? Or maybe your CV was good enough for the job you’ve got, but you’ve always wanted to gain some tips to improve your grammar. If this is you, subscribe to this blog by clicking the email button towards the bottom left of the site. If this is not you, please resume YouTubing cat videos. Seriously though, if you do subscribe, I promise to make it worth your while. Not only will you learn a thing or two, I’ll make it engaging and fun. You’ll learn not only by reading, but I’ll throw in a few funny pictures of what not to do as well. Heck, maybe even some videos. So what do you have to lose? Go ahead and subscribe today!

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About the Author

Raff Lagatta

Technical Content Writer, AroFlo

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I want to thank the following:

  • Ken Williams, for motivating me to get into blogging. Ken is a children’s author and fellow blogger. Here’s a link to his blog: Reading with a Chance of Tacos.
  • Charles Wu, for wanting me to do something with my life. Charles is a lucid modelist and author of The New Model of Love.
  • Lastly, jonnylynchmedia for designing my logo.