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If you want to make yourself sound smarter on social media, this category is for you. Go ahead, don’t even bother with the other categories. This list was hard for me to make but I see these errors on Facebook every. single. day. Don’t follow suit; get to the root of your problems with this guide and I’ll make it easy for you.

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How do you fare with fare and fair? Can you tell the difference between a barista and a barrister? Perhaps you’re losing your patience over patients? Fear not; this category will cover all of those pesky words that may sound or look the same, but have different meanings.

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This category will look at slight day-to-day slip ups, featuring such things as bullet point fails, when to use less and fewer, and the everlasting battle between colons and semi colons. But wait, there’s more. We’ll also touch on quotation marks and when to use them, my short-lived battle with Officeworks over their everyday incorrectness, and lastly, let’s pay a short visit to the other side of the world and look at Americanizms.

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It’s not all about heavy reading. This is a fun category, filled with images and examples of what to look out for and what to avoid in your writing. Some of them may even link to elements contained within the posts you’ve been reading.